Slimmer, firmer, more muscular? Whatever your goal is, we can help you achieve it. The key here is targeted training and a proper diet – and a good portion of motivation as well.

The fastest way to a fantastic figure is through personal training. We can help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight. Whether you’d like to have a firmer body, get rid of fat and/or build up muscle – we put together a personalised training programme for you and continually motivate you to do the best you can. Naturally, your training programme also includes nutrition counselling.

Firm and sexy

Targeted training also improves your posture. A normal natural posture, an adequate amount of movement and a healthy degree of body tension not only reduce back pain and other pain – they also make you look stunning! Your skin benefits as well, as regular training also reduces dimpling (cellulite) and stretch marks. Your skin then looks firm and vibrant. Efficient training and the right diet will enable you to build up muscle and reduce your body fat, regardless of how old you are.

Our approach

We learn about your needs, goals, any ailments you may have and your lifestyle habits in an initial consultation. We don’t just listen to what you tell us; we also take a good look at you. That’s because an individual analysis based on your posture, movement patterns and physical readings that we take can be very valuable for ensuring an efficient personal training programme. In this way, we learn what’s going on with you, and we then know what we need to do in order to help you. After that, we work with you to set up a training programme. Once you begin your programme, we regularly monitor your progress and adjust programme elements as needed. Naturally, our holistic premium personal training approach also includes nutrition counselling and personalised consulting on other issues, such as stress reduction, for example.


1 client 2 clients
single session 260.– 360.–
10 sessions 2465.– 3420.–
20 sessions 4785.– 6625.–
30 sessions 7075.– 9795.–

How you benefit

  • You achieve your desired weight in a healthy way
  • Firm skin and an athletic figure
  • Targeted measures to address problem areas
  • Muscle building, natural body-building
  • Greater confidence and well-being

What our customers have to say

“Although I show up for training tired and exhausted from my busy day, I leave the studio with a smile on my face and in my heart. I’m alert and focused and feel very comfortable in my body.” – Jasmin Riesen, Beinwil Freiamt