Health and rehabilitation

Our therapeutic training measures can help you if you suffer from health problems, or if you’ve been injured or had surgery.

Gentle training tailored to individual abilities and needs is particularly important if you have certain health problems or have recently had surgery. Indeed, therapy in the form of training can improve your quality of life step by step. Therapeutic training helps you regain your strength and mobility, prevent further physical damage and shorten your recovery time.

Holistic approach to health

Therapeutic training is particularly helpful if you suffer from pain and tension, or if your mobility is restricted due to chronic or acute illness. Chronic illnesses include arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Our training programmes can also help you regain your vitality after an injury or surgery. For us, a holistic approach to health includes not only targeted training measures but also relaxation techniques and a healthy diet.

Our approach

We learn about your needs, goals, any ailments you may have and your lifestyle habits in an initial consultation. We don’t just listen to what you tell us; we also take a good look at you. That’s because an individual analysis based on your posture, movement patterns and physical readings that we take can be very valuable for ensuring an efficient personal training programme. In this way, we learn what’s going on with you, and we then know what we need to do in order to help you. After that, we work with you to set up a training programme. Once you begin your programme, we regularly monitor your progress and adjust programme elements as needed. Naturally, our holistic premium personal training approach also includes nutrition counselling and personalised consulting on other issues, such as stress reduction, for example.


1 client 2 clients
Single session 260.– 360.–
10 sessions 2465.– 3420.–
20 sessions 4785.– 6625.–
30 sessions 7075.– 9795.–

How you benefit

  • Shorter recovery time after surgery
  • Better quality of life in the case of chronic illness
  • Greater confidence and independence in everyday activities

What our customers have to say

“Thanks to my personal training with Jacqueline, my MS has stabilised – my neurologist has confirmed it, and he also told me I should definitely continue my training programme.” – Rita Degen, Rothenburg