Massages and treatments

Soothing treatments for the body and mind.

Classic full-body or back massage

Helps relieve symptomatic discomfort in the musculoskeletal system – e.g. acute and chronic muscle tension. Offers support in emotionally difficult situations – e.g. stress, nervousness, anxiety.

Spinal column massage (Dorn & Breuss method)

Painful areas in the musculoskeletal system are mobilised and unblocked using a special manual technique. This massage gently shifts vertebrae back into the ideal position, generally through the use of thumb pressure. This relieves pain, or even eliminates it completely.

Swing cushion massage therapy

Swing cushion massage therapy is used to treat a broad range of conditions, including sciatica, lumbago, slipped disc (after consultation with your doctor, of course), headaches, shoulder and neck muscle tension and various types of joint pain. Here, a gentle swinging motion on a special air cushion stretches and mobilises muscles and joints. This improves the mobility of the spine, the pelvis and the shoulder girdle. Swing cushion massage therapy eases nerve tension and deeply relaxes the body, mind and soul.


60 minutes 150.–
10 sessions 1’425.–

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