People tend to slow down and lose muscle mass when they get older – but only if they let it happen. We help you remain energetic and independent – no matter how old you are!

Did you know that you can improve your physical condition when you’re 60, 70 or even 80 – and ensure that you retain your vitality? Regular training is one of the keys to growing old in good health and remaining independent for a long period of time. The more personalised your training is, the better you will feel: Personalised training is important because older people in particular have quite varied needs and abilities. In most cases, they want to stay fit or get in better shape; after all, seniors are very active these days. Whether you like to travel in your free time, work in your garden or look after the grandchildren – everything is easier when you feel more energetic.

For overweight individuals or those with health problems as well

We work in a targeted manner to improve your strength, coordination and mobility, and we also give you tips on what you can do every day to keep yourself healthy. Are you looking to lose weight, or do you have health problems? Then you’re in good hands with us as well! We can set up a programme for you that takes into account your situation, needs and abilities – and we do it all in a way that’s fun, of course!

Our approach

We learn about your needs, goals, any ailments you may have and your lifestyle habits in an initial consultation. We don’t just listen to what you tell us; we also take a good look at you. That’s because an individual analysis based on your posture, movement patterns and physical readings that we take can be very valuable for ensuring an efficient personal training programme. In this way, we learn what’s going on with you, and we then know what we need to do in order to help you. After that, we work with you to set up a training programme. Once you begin your programme, we regularly monitor your progress and adjust programme elements as needed. Naturally, our holistic premium personal training approach also includes nutrition counselling and personalised consulting on other issues, such as stress reduction, for example.


1 client 2 clients
single session 260.– 360.–
10 sessions 2465.– 3420.–
20 sessions 4785.– 6625.–
30 sessions 7075.– 9795.–

How you benefit

  • Greater energy and vitality as you get older
  • More endurance and strength
  • Better posture and mobility
  • Alleviation of health problems

What customers say

“I’m 60 and have fibromyalgia, but Jacqueline worked with great dedication and an incredible amount of patience to show me what I needed to do in just a short time.” – Jeannette Bussmann-Rechsteiner, Zug