Verankern in unsicheren Zeiten: Sei Du Dein eigener Anker! von und mit Jacqueline Michaud im Zentrum für Personal Training in Zug

Be firmly anchored in uncertain times: Be your own anchor!

Especially during the current Covid crisis, we need more than trust, security and freedom.

Profound feelings of peace, happiness and stability, need to be drawn more from within ourselves than from external sources.

How can you invest in your inner strength and peace?

How can you discover your own resilience and potential, and develop it to create your own anchor within yourself?

These uncertain times also open up opportunities for us, because right now the one thing we can rely on is body, our mind, spirit and ourselves.

I can help you achieve this, drawing on all my expertise, intuition and professional skills.

As a personal coach with over 20 years of experience, I know exactly how to help my clients regain their strength, get their feet back on the ground, and build up the inner calm and stability they need to overcome daily challenges with resilience.

My Personal Training Programmes do more than just get you physically fit.

The first step I take is to use my skill of listening to you very attentively so that I can understand your needs by asking the right questions. Then I visually analyse habitual movement patterns and postural compensations in a posture and movement analysis so that together we can optimise those movements.

During your first visit, we fill out an individual medical history questionnaire to establish your current state of health and fitness. Then together we work out your personal objectives and then it is all systems go!

Whatever your objectives are, whether it is to become stronger, fitter or have greater stamina, to relieve, or even eliminate, pain when you move, or to achieve a real work-life balance in your daily life, or to stimulate your motivation to keep moving, I will always devise the appropriate, tailor-made training session for you, and we will work our way steadily towards those objectives, step by step.

The most important thing of all is to awaken your zest for life and to boost your vitality through exercise.

Drawing on a multi-faceted range of experience, I design personal training sessions ranging from athletics training through to breathing therapy or mental training.

I am extremely flexible and creative in my approach. It is not uncommon for me to meet up with a client for the first time, armed with an enthusiastically prepared training plan, only to find that when the client arrives at my centre, my plans bear no relation to the client’s current state of mind and physical health. Without any hesitation, I change the plan immediately to fit the client’s real needs.

I am passionate about helping people experience their body’s infinite potential through exercise.

Most people do not realise what a great treasure they possess, or know about the intelligence that is in every cell of the body and the messages the cells send out, waiting to be understood.

What I do best is to I hear the messages sent out by my client’s intelligent body and act as an interpreter, making the client aware of these messages, explaining why things are the way they are and how changes can be made. After all, our cells are constantly telling us something and when we start to listen to the messages they are sending once more, a feeling of inner peace, happiness and stability grows; discord (pain), or even conflict (illness, insecurity), fade away.

The lessons I teach enable my clients to reconnect with the incredibly rich source of energy within their bodies.

Acting as an interpreter for the body’s signals, I connect with my clients at that point in their lives where they are at the moment. Some need a gentle, meditative type of exercise to awaken their awareness of their own body. It is fascinating to listen to one’s own body, to wonder where and why something pulls or strains, hurts or does you good.

It is also beneficial to ask yourself why this is so and then with my help, be able to understand and alter those messages.

Other clients may want to experience cardiovascular exercise through a challenging cardio programme, which completely empties their minds and leaves the cares of the world behind, creating a sense of inner contentment and calm.

Individualised, strength building muscle training, which with my encouragement, enables my clients to experience their own limits in a controlled way, and empowers them to open the JM Centre’s doors again, strengthened and confident, ready to begin the upward journey.

I often incorporate a combination of various exercise components into a workout. As each exercise is completed, I can feel the effect it has on my clients and the reaction it generates in their bodies.

My approach is to open up a dialogue with the client’s body cells and choose the appropriate exercise in response to the messages I perceive. This is always an exciting journey of discovery for both my client and myself.

My greatest reward is to see a sense of lightness come over the faces of my clients, and to see their upright posture visibly expressing their new emotions and body awareness, giving their lives a firm anchor. Knowing that I have created something together with my clients that no one can take away from them, helping them to rediscover their inner strength and with it, to trust in their own capabilities, makes it worthwhile for me to always do my absolute best.

Take up the challenge, drop the anchor to yourself and give me a call! I am looking forward to meeting you!

Sincerely yours, Jacqueline Michaud

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