Jacqueline Michaud – Functional Training

Functional training: holistic exercises for more fitness

Attending a week-long workshop given by the US star coach, Gunnar Peterson, inspired Jacqueline Michaud to expand the functional training offered at JM Zug and to install new equipment. But what is functional training anyway?

Gunnar Peterson is one of the top personal trainers in the USA. Amongst others, he works with Hollywood stars and top athletes, focusing mainly on using functional training. Jacqueline had the unique opportunity of training with Gunnar, and to test the equipment at his exceptional studio in Beverly Hills. Functional training involves natural movements that exercise several parts of muscles. Instead of using weight-training equipment to train individual muscles, exercises that are integrated into your daily routine form the workout. Complex, multidimensional movements that human beings have been evolved to do, is central to this. Functional training increases the general level of fitness, and covers all aspects; strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility.

More quality of life

If the body is strengthened holistically, it also reduces the risk of injury as it is challenged in many different ways. As a whole, the body becomes stronger, more resilient and more flexible. Speed and elasticity improve. This fitness, based on natural movements. is not only clear to see in the mirror, but also in your everyday activities, whether it be lifting or carrying heavy things, playing football with the kids or in the daily dash to catch the train. It increases the quality of life massively.

Efficient training with equipment

Last but not least, functional training workouts are also fun, because they can be so varied. Most exercises are dynamic and demanding. Typical types of equipment used in functional training are medicine balls, kettlebells, balance pads or band trainers. Even though the exercises are mainly done using your own body weight, professional equipment increases the training effect significantly. In addition to the medicine balls and other equipment mentioned above, today there is also equipment that trains natural human movements. The following training equipment is now available at JM Zug:

Synergy Air Power Tower

Helix Lateral Trainer

Inertia Wave

Kevlar Tyres