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Marlies Hausherr, Zug

Since 2014, I have been attending a weekly group fitness course with Jacqueline, and it is something I would not like to do without.  It is not any old boring Yoga class, but a versatile and varied fitness improvement programme that covers all aspects of fitness, such as stamina, stretching, developing muscle strength, flexibility and stability. Jacqueline knows what each individual member of the class needs and includes the appropriate exercises. Thanks to her many years of experience, nothing escapes her watchful eye, not even the tiniest of incorrect movements, and she knows how to get the best out of every class member. The training, which is designed to motivate, spurs me on, and it has radically improved my health, my well-being, and in particular, my posture. My fitness lesson has become a fixed date in my diary.

Ruth Weiss, Zug

“I was really impressed by Jacqueline during a yoga course in 2014 – and that made me decide to register for a personal training course with her. I now look forward to my sessions with her twice a week. There’s truly nothing better than being able to pursue a training approach that is precisely tailored to my needs, and to have a trainer who watches me closely and corrects me in a humorous way when I make a mistake. Jacqueline’s high spirits, her tremendous knowledge and her targeted training technique bring strength to my body and the right attitude to my mind. My quality of life, in both a physical and mental sense, has improved since I started working with Jacqueline.”

Jeannette Bussmann-Rechsteiner, Zug

“When a woman notices that her strength is fading, that even the most minor physical exertion becomes a torture, and that neither movement nor immobility make her feel better, then it’s time to get some good advice! I met Jacqueline for the first time in the spring of 2011, when I was 60. She taught me very quickly how to recognise what I needed to work on. Her many years of experience, her dedication and her positive attitude have led me to regularly attend my weekly training sessions despite the fibromyalgia that I suffer from. I am truly grateful to Jacqueline.”

Lorenz Oberer, Finstersee

“I’ve been regularly attending personal training courses taught by Jacqueline Michaud since the beginning of 2004. The training sessions have taught me to work with discipline to improve my physical condition. I’ve since developed a real love of movement and exercise. My training is now a major part of my life that I couldn’t imagine being without.”

Judith Aklin, Cham

“I can always still remember my training sessions days later – not just because of the sore muscles, but also because of Jacqueline. She’s always in a good mood and full of energy, and she always manages to get me to do my best. She never misses a detail either; she quickly notices every problem, no matter how minor. Every session is different, but all of them are aligned with my needs. As the saying goes: No pain, no gain. And that’s exactly how it is. Thank you, Jacqueline!”

Jasmin Riesen, Beinwil Freiamt

“Once every week, I show up at Jacqueline’s door tired and exhausted from my busy day and ask myself: Where am I going to get the strength to do my personal training session today? But when I leave the studio an hour later I always have a smile on my face and in my heart. I’m alert and focused and feel very comfortable in my body. Jacqueline has been a constant source of motivation and joy for me for years now. Thank you, Jacqueline!”

Erika Gempeler, Rotkreuz

“I’ve been in a personal training programme with Jacqueline since the spring of 2009. I had severe back pain at the time and tried to get some relief with physiotherapy and similar techniques. Jacqueline tailors my training programme precisely to my needs and she’s always well prepared. She has shown me many exercises that I can easily incorporate into my daily routine. My sessions with her are always fun and high spirited. Her extensive specialist knowledge makes her the perfect person to go to for advice about my health. My regular training with Jacqueline has improved my posture and strengthened my muscles. When I have back pain now, I know exactly why it’s happening and how I need to move to make it go away. “

Rita Degen, Rothenburg

“I learned that I had multiple sclerosis 17 years ago. After that, a walker and stick became my constant companions. Then something very positive happened in 2004. I met Jacqueline and since then I’ve been regularly participating in a personal training programme with her. Things have certainly improved! These days, I can walk without a stick and I’ve even started driving again. I feel much freer and more independent. Thanks to the training, my MS has stabilised – my neurologist has confirmed it, and he also told me I should definitely continue my personal training programme. Jacqueline gives me tremendous strength with her contagious sense of humour and her lust for life!”