Jacqueline Michaud

Owner and personal trainer

The owner of JM Training is Jacqueline Michaud. Jacqueline has many years of experience in various fields and has completed several high-quality professional courses of study. She has never been interested in standard training programmes because she knows that everyone has different abilities and needs. Whether it’s bodyART or barbell training – Jacqueline always uses scientific methods that have been tested under real conditions. Every client is offered a customised training programme. The advantage of such an approach is that it produces results that can be seen and felt in just a short period of time. Jacqueline challenges people, but does not overwork them – she gets just enough out of them to enable them to bring out the best in themselves. She wakes the “tiger in you” – the natural love of movement. That’s the philosophy behind JM Training. Personal Training

Jacqueline was born in Zurich and has been offering personal fitness training and personal coaching and nutrition courses for both individuals and groups since 1998.

Professional education and training:

  • Clinical psychoneuroimmunology cPNI
  • Certified Stick Mobility Trainer
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified BGB Health Advisor
  • Certified Adult Educator (SVEB1)
  • Certified BGB Fitness Trainer
  • Certified bodyART Instructor
  • TRX Suspension Trainer
  • Certified Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor
  • Basic Pilates (Lucia Schmid)
  • Certified Nia Blue Belt Teacher
  • Certified Qi Gong Trainer (Master Zhi Chang Li)
  • Certified Qi Gong Trainer (Master Qingshan Liu)
  • Basic training in movement-theory (Franklin Method)
  • Basic training in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)
  • Meditation – Unterricht bei Vrenchy Griffiths während 11 Jahren wöchentlich bis im Jahr 2004